The Connect XI process—designed to seamlessly upgrade your PaintManager® XI software.

Ready – Set – Connect

Understanding that change can be difficult and that avoiding paint operation downtime is critical to your collision center business, the Connect XI process for upgrading to PaintManager® XI software was created to provide a worry-free, seamless software transition, with minimal disruption.

This is your step-by-step process guide on how to prepare for your software installation day. This easy-to-follow process is designed to help users get Ready, and Set, to Connect.

  1. View Features Review the PaintManager® XI software feature list.
  2. Review TimelineReview the timeline—60 days to conversion.
  3. Take SurveyTake the pre-work survey.
  4. Build Action ListCreate an action list.
  5. Online TrainingEngage in eLearning training.
  6. Final ChecklistReview your final conversion checklist.
  7. WelcomeWelcome to PaintManager® XI software.

60-Day Timeline

Days Out Task(s) Who is Responsible
60 Engage with the customer Sales / Distributor
45 Establish conversion date and conduct site survey. Sales / Distributor
30 Build conversion task list from site survey results:
  • Review survey
  • Order equipment (if required)
  • Assign personnel
Sales / Distributor
21 Team meeting to verify and confirm Sales / Distributor / Shop
14 Complete training (eLearning and/or Classroom) Sales / Distributor / Shop
7 Equipment is ready and systems are updated Sales / Distributor / Shop
5 Review and verify task list items are complete Sales / Distributor / Shop
0 Software Installation Day Sales / Distributor / Shop

Take the Pre-Work Survey

To prepare for your software install, a Site Survey will be completed approximately 30 days in advance.

Survey Elements Include

  • Demographic profile including correct customer name/type, contact information, CTS number and address
  • Confirm users and teams
  • Current PaintManager® software version
  • Hardware overview
    • Current Windows® operating system
    • Spectro(s)
    • Touchscreen(s)
    • Printer(s)
    • Scale(s)
  • Power
  • Booth requirements
  • Connectivity/Internet accessibility/Networks
  • Body Shop management system interfaces (if applicable)
Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Survey Options

Take the survey online via a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC at

The survey is available to complete by hand in the Connect XI booklet, however, responses will need to be keyed into the online survey where a Site Survey Report can be generated and applicable tasks noted. See your PPG Representative for assistance.

Create an Action List

Once the survey is complete, review the Site Survey Report and create an action plan for installation day.

Task Who When

My conversion date is: ____________________

My PPG contact is: ____________________

eLearning training modules completed on: ____________________

PaintManager® XI software classroom training will be on: ____________________

PaintManager® XI software classroom training will be located at: ____________________

Training—Available eLearning

Ten modules of customized eLearning have been developed for all users of the PaintManager® XI software.

Icon to click for training
Online Training

Review your final conversion checklist.

Survey complete/Task list produced

CTS is updated and accurate

Training complete

Installation is scheduled

Subscription is updated

Task list is finalized

Remove PaintManager® software

Convert site data

Backup PaintManager® XI software

Welcome to PaintManager® XI