Can I create and save my formulas in a custom library?

Yes. PaintManager® XI software has the functionality to create and save any custom formulas.

Can I limit employees' use of the system?

Yes, PaintManager® XI software offers a robust system to manage users and teams. Additionally, your admin users can set access permissions based on preset templates to save time and also to ensure proper rule enforcement for each respective role .

Can I mix a large quantity of clear or primer and cost it to more than one Repair Order (RO)?

Yes. All products, color, clear, primers and sealers can be mixed for more than one RO.

How do I delete a mix that was done on the wrong repair order (RO)?

In PaintManager® XI software you have the ability to waste and / or transfer mixes across ROs from the Jobs screen and the Tools dropdown menu.

What are some of the capabilities of PaintManager® XI software?

We designed PaintManager® XI software with new and updated features that benefit painters, technicians, and managers...

What happens if a duplicate repair order (RO) is created in PaintManager® XI software?

PaintManager® XI software is intentionally programmed to permit duplicate ROs per customer request. This can create issues if care is not taken. If an RO already exists, a warning message will display.

What is the difference between markup and margin, also known as profit margin?

Within the PaintManager® XI software, you have the opportunity to operate with both markup and margin.

  • Markup—A markup is a percentage of the cost price added to get the selling price.
  • Margin (also known as profit margin)—The percentage margin is the percentage of the final selling price that is profit.

Will custom formulas show up on networked PaintManager® systems?

Yes. In fact, you can also set your Cusotm Formulas to appear in the regular Color Searches by going to Settings > Application Settings > Check Custom Formulas under the General tab.