What are some of the capabilities of PaintManager® XI software?

We designed PaintManager® XI software with new and updated features that benefit painters, technicians, and managers:

For Paint Technicians

  • Updated daily
  • Formula Search
  • Ready for use
  • RapidMatch® spectrophotometer interface
  • Custom formulas
  • Mix and weight sessions
  • Volume estimation
  • VOC / regulatory management
  • Spray out library
  • Managing jobs
  • Pre-mixed inventory
  • Track waste and rework
  • Collaboration

For Shop Managers

  • Advanced reporting with dashboard summary
  • Manage users and teams
  • Paint shop interface integration
  • Inventory management
  • Scale management
  • Streamlined installation and configuration
  • Data conversion utility
  • Integrated data backup/migration/restore
  • Collaboration

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