What are the system requirements to run PaintManager® XI software on non-PPG computers?

TouchMix® XI computer will run PPG software. If you have an HP5810 that was previously sold by PPG, it will run the software. The HP5800 will require additional 2GB memory to run the software.

Minimum Requirement

Operating Systems Windows 8 embedded or Windows 10 Pro or higher with Windows Updates enabled, up-to-date, and set to run after business hours. Windows 'Home' editions and Mac OS are not supported.
RAM (Memory) At least 4 gigabyte (GB) RAM or more
Hard Drive 40 GB free disk space recommended for initial install and regular Internet Updates (IU) or more
CPU Flexible, but recommend a version of Intel "i" processor (i3, i5, i7) or equivalent processor or faster


For Internet Update Subscriptions

Admin Permissions The Windows account used to install and run PMXI must have admin priveleges on the PC. This is necessary to facilitate automatic application updates via Internet Updates (IU).
PC Shutoff Recommendations Color formula updates are offered nightly to XI customers, and Internet Update users can schedule when the background process both downloads and installs the new data. These are independently scheduled for maximum flexibility. It is recommend to schedule them both to outside of business hours. Make sure to allow at least 1 hour of install time before the start of business or at the end of the day. There is an option to “Update Now”; however, we recommend not doing so during business hours to avoid potential disruption of work flow.
Internet Update Connectivity The PMXI server machine must have access to the following URL: https://xi-api.azurewebsites.net. The actual IP (which some anti-virus programs need to allow the PC to connect) is:


For Networking

Local Firewall Settings If you are setting up PMXI in a client/server configuration (where one PC is the main computer with other “simple” clients connected to share Job/Mix/Inventory data), all PCs must be on the same network, and the Windows Firewall must allow the PMXI server program.