Does the RapidMatch® XI device work with PaintManager® and PaintManager® XI software?

The RapidMatch® XI spectrophotometer is only compatible with the new PaintManager® XI software.

Where can I get replacement batteries?

Replacement batteries are not available through PPG. Contact X-Rite customer support.

How are the RapidMatch® XI readings downloaded to the software?

When connected via Wi-Fi or USB PaintManager® XI software will automatically download the readings from the RapidMatch® XI spectrophotometer.

How often will the RapidMatch® XI image library be updated?

For Internet Update users, the library is updated daily as new matches become available through PPG labs.

What are the new features RapidMatch® XI Spectrophotometer?

Continually improving processes to provide increasing productivity and better color match delivery are important to any electronic formula retrieval system. Some of the improved system benefits include: