I measured a solid color, but the selection Mica / Metallic was highlighted?

Ensure the panel you are measuring is free of scratches and any debris.

What is a "good" Match Rating?

Our studies and numerous field trial results proved the following set of Match Rating guidelines to assist the refinisher in their decision making process.

What is Match Rating?

The Match Rating is a scientifically developed algorithm that utilizes the color information or reflectance data obtained from the spectrophotometer.

Is the Adjust feature still available?

Yes, if a match is returned that has a match rating that is outside of the blendable range (11 or higher for metallic, 6 or higher for solids) you will have the opportunity to adjust the formula.

What is Effect Coarseness (EC)?

The RapidMatch® device continues to serve the automotive repair industry with advanced optics and five angle measurement capability assured to characterize the most difficult OE coatings.

What does the "no acceptable match" warning message mean?

It is important to ensure that the downloaded information file is properly identified with the correct OEM code information.

When is the Match Rating and Effect Coarseness good?

When the Match Rating (MR) is 10 or less (Blendable / GREEN) and the Effect Coarsness (EC) is similar to the Target, a GREEN OK will show on the results screen.