Does the TouchMix® XI computer have wireless connection capabilities?

Yes, it does, however, PPG recommends wired connections for network and internet connectivity for best performance and reliability.

How do I connect a USB hub into the TouchMix® XI computer?

The USB hub, part number NTMHUB, is connected to the end of the 66 foot USB extension cable, part number NTMUSBEXT.

If the Internet goes down, how will my data be saved or stored?

An internet connection is not required to save or store data.

What is the Advanced Exchange Program?

Under the Advanced Exchange Program, users will contact the PPG Computer Help Desk for troubleshooting. If an issue cannot be resolved, an exchange will be initiated and a replacement unit sent out to the customer.

How can I connect a scale to the TouchMix® XI computer?

Connection of a scale to the TouchMix® XI computer depends on the model of scale in use.

What part numbers should I be ordering?

For typical installations that will be setup using wired connections to peripherals;

With the TouchMix® XI computer, how will I receive my color updates?

If the TouchMix® XI computer is connected to the internet and is setup to receive updates automatically, the updates will be delivered on a scheduled basis via this connection.