What is the Advanced Exchange Program?

Under the Advanced Exchange Program, users will contact the PPG Computer Help Desk for troubleshooting. If an issue cannot be resolved, an exchange will be initiated and a replacement unit sent out to the customer. Replacements units will now be sent directly from the manufacturer, not PPG as in the past. A printed return label will be included with the new unit for use returning the defective unit to the manufacturer.

The customer MUST remove the internal flash drive from their current TouchMix® XI computer and place it in the new TouchMix® XI computer that they receive. Failure to do this will result in loss of data that will be unrecoverable as all units received at the manufacturer will have the drives wiped as part of the repair / refurb process. All parts of the defective TouchMix® XI must be placed in the shipping container and returned using the enclosed return shipping label within 11 days in order for credit to be received.