PaintManager® XI Reports and Report Viewer

Does PaintManager® XI software have reporting capability?

Yes, the software offers enhanced reporting capability. Learn more in the online training.

PaintManager® XI Hardware and Software System Support

How do I set up the PaintManager® XI software to receive internet updates?

This internet update guide will show you how to set up automatic updates under settings.

How many times per year is PaintManager® XI software updated?

For systems subscribed to receive Internet Updates, the PaintManager® XI software is updated daily. Otherwise, updates are sent out via USB 4 times per year.

What other telephone support numbers should I know?

Other telephone numbers that are used in color hardware support are:
X-Rite (spectrophotometer): 1-800-647-9748
Sartorius: 1-800-645-3108

Whom can I contact if I have a problem with my hardware?

The first line of support for any hardware problem is the PPG Computer Support Helpdesk located in Strongsville, Ohio and can be reached at 800-647-6050, option 6. Please refer to the support guidelines for more information.

Whom can I contact if I have a problem with my PaintManager® XI software?

The first line of support for any software issue is the PPG Computer Support Helpdesk located in Strongsville, Ohio. Call toll free: 1-800-647-6050, option 6. If the Helpdesk cannot resolve your issue, they will connect you with the correct assistance group.

PaintManager® XI Software Capabilities

Can I create and save my formulas in a custom library?

Yes. PaintManager® XI software has the functionality to create and save any custom formulas.

Can I limit employees' use of the system?

Yes, PaintManager® XI software offers a robust system to manage users and teams. Additionally, your admin users can set access permissions based on preset templates to save time and also to ensure proper rule enforcement for each respective role .

Can I mix a large quantity of clear or primer and cost it to more than one Repair Order (RO)?

Yes. All products, color, clear, primers and sealers can be mixed for more than one RO.

How do I delete a mix that was done on the wrong repair order (RO)?

In PaintManager® XI software you have the ability to waste and / or transfer mixes across ROs from the Jobs screen and the Tools dropdown menu.

What are some of the capabilities of PaintManager® XI software?

We designed PaintManager® XI software with new and updated features that benefit painters, technicians, and managers...

What happens if a duplicate repair order (RO) is created in PaintManager® XI software?

PaintManager® XI software is intentionally programmed to permit duplicate ROs per customer request. This can create issues if care is not taken. If an RO already exists, a warning message will display.

What is the difference between markup and margin, also known as profit margin?

Within the PaintManager® XI software, you have the opportunity to operate with both markup and margin.

  • Markup—A markup is a percentage of the cost price added to get the selling price.
  • Margin (also known as profit margin)—The percentage margin is the percentage of the final selling price that is profit.

Will custom formulas show up on networked PaintManager® systems?

Yes. In fact, you can also set your Cusotm Formulas to appear in the regular Color Searches by going to Settings > Application Settings > Check Custom Formulas under the General tab.

PaintManager® XI Software Networks

Can we put PaintManager® XI software on a wireless network?

Yes, but whenever possible, a wired network is recommended. The primary limitation is that wireless networks are slower than wired networks. Even with an excellent signal, in most cases the fastest wireless network offers half the speed of a standard wired network. Security is another potential problem.

PaintManager® XI Software System Requirements

What are the system requirements to run PaintManager® XI software on non-PPG computers?

TouchMix® XI computer will run PPG software. If you have an HP5810 that was previously sold by PPG, it will run the software. The HP5800 will require additional 2GB memory to run the software.

What is PaintManager® XI software?

PaintManager® XI software is the state-of-the-art tool for monitoring and managing the productivity and profitability of a paint operation, no matter the size of your business.

RapidMatch® XI Hardware and Software System Support

Does the RapidMatch® XI device work with PaintManager® and PaintManager® XI software?

The RapidMatch® XI spectrophotometer is only compatible with the new PaintManager® XI software.

Where can I get replacement batteries?

Replacement batteries are not available through PPG. Contact X-Rite customer support.

How are the RapidMatch® XI readings downloaded to the software?

When connected via Wi-Fi or USB PaintManager® XI software will automatically download the readings from the RapidMatch® XI spectrophotometer.

How often will the RapidMatch® XI image library be updated?

For Internet Update users, the library is updated daily as new matches become available through PPG labs.

What are the new features RapidMatch® XI Spectrophotometer?

Continually improving processes to provide increasing productivity and better color match delivery are important to any electronic formula retrieval system. Some of the improved system benefits include:

RapidMatch® XI Software Usage

I measured a solid color, but the selection Mica / Metallic was highlighted?

Ensure the panel you are measuring is free of scratches and any debris.

What is a "good" Match Rating?

Our studies and numerous field trial results proved the following set of Match Rating guidelines to assist the refinisher in their decision making process.

What is Match Rating?

The Match Rating is a scientifically developed algorithm that utilizes the color information or reflectance data obtained from the spectrophotometer.

Is the Adjust feature still available?

Yes, if a match is returned that has a match rating that is outside of the blendable range (11 or higher for metallic, 6 or higher for solids) you will have the opportunity to adjust the formula.

What is Effect Coarseness (EC)?

The RapidMatch® device continues to serve the automotive repair industry with advanced optics and five angle measurement capability assured to characterize the most difficult OE coatings.

What does the "no acceptable match" warning message mean?

It is important to ensure that the downloaded information file is properly identified with the correct OEM code information.

When is the Match Rating and Effect Coarseness good?

When the Match Rating (MR) is 10 or less (Blendable / GREEN) and the Effect Coarsness (EC) is similar to the Target, a GREEN OK will show on the results screen.

TouchMix® XI Computer Setup

Does the TouchMix® XI computer have wireless connection capabilities?

Yes, it does, however, PPG recommends wired connections for network and internet connectivity for best performance and reliability.

How do I connect a USB hub into the TouchMix® XI computer?

The USB hub, part number NTMHUB, is connected to the end of the 66 foot USB extension cable, part number NTMUSBEXT.

If the Internet goes down, how will my data be saved or stored?

An internet connection is not required to save or store data.

What is the Advanced Exchange Program?

Under the Advanced Exchange Program, users will contact the PPG Computer Help Desk for troubleshooting. If an issue cannot be resolved, an exchange will be initiated and a replacement unit sent out to the customer.

How can I connect a scale to the TouchMix® XI computer?

Connection of a scale to the TouchMix® XI computer depends on the model of scale in use.

What part numbers should I be ordering?

For typical installations that will be setup using wired connections to peripherals;

With the TouchMix® XI computer, how will I receive my color updates?

If the TouchMix® XI computer is connected to the internet and is setup to receive updates automatically, the updates will be delivered on a scheduled basis via this connection.