Online Training for PaintManager XI Software

Ten modules of customized eLearning have been developed for all users of the PaintManager® XI software.

  • Introduction: Course Navigation and Interactions including a PaintManager® XI Application Overview
  • Color Search: Formula Search; Color Selection; Prime, Variants and Formula Details; Layers and Estimating Volumes
  • Custom Formula: Create Custom Formulas; Edit a Formula; Create a Formula from Scratch
  • RapidMatch® Device: Connect to Spectrophotometer; Select the Best Match and Adjusting a Color
  • Mix Management: Mix Sessions; Weigh using a Scale; Mix Summary and Mix Queue
  • Job Management: Repair Orders and Estimates; New Jobs; Edit Jobs; Work with Layers and Existing Jobs
  • Color Accurate™: Enable LIC; Connect to Spectrophotometer; Target and WIP's; Wild Card Search; Formulate and Customer Formula
  • Inventory, Pricing and Ordering: View Inventory, Edit an Individual Product; Manage Pricing and Levels; Ordering and Replenishment
  • Reports: Report Settings; Accessing Reports; Creat a Report and Manage Report Templates
  • Advanced Setup: User Set Up; Team Management; Segments; Scale, Spectro and Print Settings; RFU Favorites