Invigorate your paint mixing operation.

Proven color retrieval, mixing, and management software

Introducing the newest generation of paint management software—PaintManager® XI. This intuitive, real time software enables painters to efficiently select a match and mix product for every job, and managers to operate their business to maximize efficiency and profitability. 

Features For Paint Technicians

  • Updated Daily
  • Formula Search
  • Ready for Use
  • RapidMatch™ Spectrophotometer Interface
  • Custom Formulas
  • Mix and Weigh Sessions
  • Volume Estimation
  • VOC/Regulatory Management
  • Spray Out Library Management
  • Managing Jobs
  • Pre-Mixed Inventory
  • Track Waste and Rework
  • Collaboration

Features For Shop Management

  • Advanced Reporting with Dashboard Summary
  • Manage Users and Teams
  • Paint Shop Interface Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Scale Management
  • Streamlined Installation and Configuration
  • Data Conversion Utility
  • Integrated Data Backup / Migration / Restore
  • Collaboration

Training—Available eLearning

Ten modules of customized eLearning have been developed for all users of the PaintManager® XI software.

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Online Training

New Features for PaintManager® XI

  • A single, touch-friendly user interface that can be used on any supported device, including personal computers and tablets
  • Improved overall user experience with a modern interface that is visually appealing
  • Improved search functionality to enable smarter color selection
  • Easy set-up via Wizard functions
  • Better functionality with less clicks and fewer screens
  • Processes that make sense
  • Greater business collaboration and integration across locations and within organizations

Color Search

Picture of the PAINTMANAGER software formula search screen

Populated search functionality.

It all starts here. Finding the right color in the most efficient manner, even when color codes are hard to locate. A powerful “smart” search engine provides results with minimal input. Versatile for singular or multi segment presets allows managing work with added flexibility. Information rich decisions are made in a simple view with one click.

Confident color matching.

Information that is current assures business process success. The PaintManager® XI software embodies system solution innovation that takes the guesswork out of formula retrieval. Coupled with strong color variant tools or digital color spectrophotometers – exact color search results are achieved with the greatest degree of precision at any point of the process.

Cloud sharing opportunities.

Achieve daily updates to the entire system including color formulations, product information, and software improvements.

Custom Formula Features:

  • Share custom “tinted” formulas (in network or cross locations).
  • Bring traditional sprayout libraries to life (tag and search).
  • Go one step further and add RapidMatch™ device measurements for enhanced digital color search.

Mix and Weigh

Close up for the PAINTMANAGER software mix screen, showing the magnifying cirlce letting you know when you've poured the correct amount

Personalized mix sessions.

One of the most recognized improvements within the application and promotes a “one step mixing” process approach to the paint operation. Build the repair layers starting with the color and add your favorite undercoat and clear. The new weigh screen allows simple and easy navigation between components and offers magnified end point detection to promote 100% mix accuracy.

Reduce waste, save time.

Estimating with accuracy—the amount of color, clear or primer needed for a repair is now achievable with the enhanced Estimate Volume feature. Select the closest vehicle or truck part and adjust the number of coats for full coverage or blend panels to dial in the precise volume of product to mix.

We know mistakes happen and sometimes there are over pours or waste. Tracking these instances will assist with job cost reporting and lead to meaningful resolution.

Team Management.

Any successful business recognizes that teamwork and communication fosters profitability. A winning feature in PaintManager® XI software is customizable user presets which allows greater transparency on team roles and responsibilities. At a glance mixing operations can be viewed via the Mix Queue associated with any job providing up to the minute details on the progress of any project.

Job Management

Picture of an example of a PAINTMANAGER software job order invoice

My work. My space.

Taking the concept of Mix Sessions to the next level with Jobs. Allows for simple and easy Repair Order tracking for active Jobs and historical work. At-a-glance preview of team assignments, work progress on each step of the repair and add spectrophotometer readings to the job. A must have utility for organizing and building your own personal work plan.

We mean business.

The heart of the collision center is throughput and elevating the number of vehicles coming to the shop and reducing “touch points” yields profitability. Jobs is a simple and easy tool to track all Repair Orders and generate Estimate information. Add Sundry Kits to maximize all costs around the repair and present a proper estimate back to the customer. And if you want to elevate your business to the next level – take advantage of the new Inventory and Pricing features.

Partner up.

There is strength in numbers. And when the paint mixing operation teams up with industry leading management partners—strong bonds form to deliver paint consumption metrics, evaluate materials usage and generate financial performance indicators. Web interfaces establish the packaging and movement of key data elements between the front office and the paint operation.

Reporting and Business Metrics

Picture of the PAINTMANAGER software saved reports screen

High marks for accurate mixing.

By far the most important operation—auditing the mixing room operation promotes teamwork, shares best practices and affords better training opportunities. Best practices here will lead to improved color match, reduced waste and track product usage.

How is your business doing?

Business metrics keep all parties on task to achieve the best performance possible. Simple to set-up with easy to understand report parameters will generate impactful results for any business manager.

Customized to fit every need—delivered to your inbox or directly within the PaintManager® XI application. Get on track to win and retain your position in the industry.

It's better when we share.

Your report card to success can now be shared within or across the organization. Working towards the same goals and striving for meaningful, action oriented data will enlighten the entire team to successful business opportunities. Built within the software application, the new Reporting functions affords greater visibility and data mining opportunities.