Inspired by the past—positioned for the future.

Consistent, reliable color matching technology.

Combining revolutionary optical power, color camera images and an intuitive touchscreen interface—the RapidMatch® XI spectrophotometer will revolutionize your next collision or commercial repair.

This third-generation device will provide high accuracy measurements guaranteed to deliver added confidence in match rating and texture information.

Optical power.

Picture of a painter taking a reading with the RAPIDMATCH device

A state-of-the-art camera provides precision together with the device's digital display that helps technicians capture the color and texture on the vehicle, accounting for multiple viewing angles.

Color camera images.

Picture of the screen of the RAPIDMATCH device showing the new magnified image of the surface being read

With a magnified image of the surface on screen, technicians can avoid surface defects and scratches to get highly accurate readings.


Painter using a touch screen with PAINTMANAGER XI software

The RapidMatch® XI unit interfaces directly with PaintManager® XI software—allowing the technician to select the best "blendable match".

Product Features

  • Audio and Visual level indicators improve surface contact for an accurate reading
  • Glove-friendly, touch-screen interface
  • Provided ceramic-keyed tiles for monthly calibration will keep device reading accurately
  • Upload job information, make, model, year and reading details directly to PaintManager® XI software
  • Magnified surface image helps technicians avoid surface defects and scratches
  • WiFi enabled allows networking the device without connecting directly to the mixing computer

Equipment Includes

  • RapidMatch® XI instrument
  • USB interface cable
  • Power adapter
  • Power cords
  • Calibration reference
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
  • Safety strap
  • Screen protector

Best practices for using the RapidMatch® XI spectro

  • Vehicle or panel surface must be cleaned and polished
  • Dull or dirty finishes should be avoided—use the touch screen display to locate and avoid defects and scratches
  • Choose a flat area next to the damaged area
  • Use both hands and hold the device firmly against the vehicle or panel
  • Position the device in the vertical position. Do not rotate.
  • Take five distinct measurements